This is a lifestyle blog, where I share my passion for all things wellness, including healthy food recipes and self-care – but also pursuing my other passions like traveling with my love, living tiny, crafting and creating, sharing stories about life and living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

The face behind this creative endeavor, is mainly me, Anndrea. By sharing my passion for, and pursuit of the life I have always dreamed of having, I hope to inspire others to try new things, to fuel your body and mind with everything you deserve. Also, to show there are many ways to appreciate the richness of life.

Besides wellness, food and creating – travel is strong passion of ours and one of the main reasons my husband and I moved across the country to live tiny. We are grateful to have the opportunity to explore this beautiful country and the world.



If we met in a bookstore, I’d say I am a lifestyle design coach, aka a wellness life coach,  yoga & meditation teacher and coffee lover living in a tiny condo in Tucson, Arizona with my husband and fur child.

If you met my friends, they’d say I have a big heart, gritty sense of humor, that I will always have your back and a deep, boarder line obsession with coffee.

I’m a lover of…

  • the desert
  • any large body of water (I was born and raised in the Great Lakes State of Michigan)
  • getting lost in the woods and good books
  • health, wellness and smoothies
  • chocolate
  • foraging
  • did I already say coffee?
  • long distance running – I have a goal of running ultras one day, but first on the list a half marathon
  • candles, incenses and cozy blankets
  • essentials oils!

I’m in pursuit of the life I have always dreamed of having and I am not afraid of the investment of love, sweat and passion needed to create it.

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